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DevOps combines development with operations, uniting processes, technology and people to provide constant value to all customers.

A collaboration of professionals to combine agile methodologies for development and planning with operations and project management for a cohesive approach and continuous integration.


When it comes to teams, DevOps can enable roles that were formerly siloed such as IT operations, development, security and quality engineering, to collaborate and coordinate more effectively with each other to produce more reliable and more effective products. Through the adoption of DevOps tools, practices and culture, teams can better respond to the needs of customers while increasing confidence in their applications and achieving their business goals more rapidly.

Source Code

Management of source code enables sharing, collaboration and coordination across the whole software development team. It is a key element of any DevOps lifecycle since it enables teams to effectively manage their workload with one source of truth.


The DevOps pipeline is an automated set of tools and processes to enable operations professionals and developers to collaborate with each other on deploying and building code to the production environment. Although DevOps pipelines differ between organisations, they typically include continuous integration/build automation, automation testing, reporting and validation, as well as manual gates which require intervention from another human before the code can proceed.




We can design then build effective solutions to propel your company forward to achieve its goals.

By utilising the best approaches on a basis of the latest DevOps practices, we can help you to modernise your data and applications, building in cutting-edge security solutions while deploying everything on the optimal infrastructure to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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Cloud Service


Are you Cloud Agnostic or Native?

We're here to help you unlock the true potential of agnostic or native cloud applications that are free from all the limitations servers bring. When you choose us, you'll unlock the latest technologies in order to increase your efficiency, grow new streams of revenue and build a brighter and more innovative future.


Cloud infrastructure encompasses all the components required for cloud computing, from the hardware and abstracted resources to network resources and storage. Essentially, it is all the tools required to construct a cloud so that applications and services can be hosted in it. We can provide a cloud infrastructure service to ensure your cloud applications can be hosted effectively.


Our cloud deployment service involves the deploying of applications through a hosting model to leverage the cloud. This service includes all planning, architecting, implantation and the operation of workloads on the cloud.


Cloud security involves putting together a set of controls, policies, technologies and procedures that work in collaboration to offer protection to all cloud-based infrastructure, systems and data. We can configure your cloud security solutions to meet the exact needs of your business.



The Pensions Regulator
One of the most effective organisations we have worked with. They have provided Cloud Engineers to work with our team then Leaders to work alongside me to lead the DevOps team. They combine excellent technical knowledge, focus and engagement to deliver effectively on projects alongside reactive workloads. The team get on well with everybody and bring innovation and best practice to their work. They were able to setup from a technical role to lead the DevOps team during my time working together. I thoroughly recommend them for a techincal or leadership role.
Into Media TV
The team at INOPOD make working with them super easy! Excellent communication, undeniably professional and really friendly. We are not entirely IT savvy but they made our experience easy and ensured they answered any questions we had. We will be using them again!
CS Communications
Quick to respond and help to deliver a solution to migrate our website to the cloud. The journey to the cloud was well planned and executed with no disruption to our customers, a win-win.
We are very happy with the service provided and after care. For all our future requirements and to stay up to date with the latest technology trends, INOPOD have our business.