Automation is rapidly becoming common in technology applications thanks to its ability to minimise human input and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and systems.

From basic digitisation of work to more complex workflow automation and decision management solutions, we can assist with all aspects of technology automation in the workplace.


We can help with the automation of resources configuration to guarantee consistency and predictability across the board in all environments. This ensures that an identical desired state can be achieved.


Our skilled team can set up automated runbooks so that it becomes possible to run through a collection of steps and tasks that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business. This minimises the need for any manual human intervention and makes processes simpler and more convenient.


We can create automated test solutions which ensure that regression and performance is not only successful but also secure whenever we build or deploy a solution.


Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting is designed to make websites and applications accessible by utilising cloud resources.

Unlike a traditional hosting option, solutions aren't deployed on just one server. Rather, the website or application is hosted on a network of physical or virtual connected cloud services to ensure greater scalability and flexibility to suit the needs of each organisation. By using the latest next-generation platforms and technologies including GCP, AWS or Azure, we can leverage the benefits of using IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models in order to build and host services in the cloud.


Modern businesses are increasingly realising that their IT systems must migrate to the cloud and make use of the latest cloud best practices in order to enhance their operations. Cloud adoption increases availability and makes deployment much easier and, therefore, it's our mission to ensure that more organisations are able to benefit in this way.


We can ensure that all services, applications and infrastructures have the highest global ability through our cloud hosting services so that any connectivity and latency issues can be eradicated and prevented.


As part of our exemplary cloud hosting service we always ensure that either automated or manual gates are in place before a service or product goes into live production. This ensures optimal safety and security for each client.




Today, digital design had been seen in many elements of everyday life, but when it comes to websites, media and technology, ensuring high-quality design is paramount.

Not only does digital design have a vital part to play in allowing companies to present themselves and communicate most effectively with their target market, but it also ensures that prospective customers and clients are able to navigate websites effortlessly and gather the information they require with ease and speed.


When it comes to creating IT services and applications, designing appropriate and robust architecture couldn't be more important. It's our mission to ensure that all diagrams and documentation is professional and watertight.

Interfaces (UI/UX)

It's essential that prototyping and wireframing interfaces are in place for both web and mobile application uses before the final product is designed and implemented. Our skilled team ensure that this is carried out to the highest possible standard.

Media (Digital graphics)

Engaging a target audience is paramount in this modern age of digital competition. Finding a way to attract the attention of users is becoming increasingly difficult, but our team can create high-quality digital graphics for your social, web and mobile posts to make your organisation stand out from the crowd.




Coming up with ideas and producing a visually appealing design is great, but the process of development is equally important.

When it comes to an IT context, development brings immense value. Not only does it enable the building of microservices and applications to suit the unique needs of customers and businesses, but it can also assist with problem solving, something that is imperative in the modern world.

Apps (Mobile/Web)

Connecting with customers and target audiences can be challenging in today's crowded and competitive digital marketplace. However, it has been demonstrated that building apps for web and mobile use is a highly effective and engaging way of interacting with users.


Our skilled team of specialists are able to assist build a most viable product (MVP) at an affordable price and in a short period of time to suit the needs of your business, creating an alpha or beta version of your desired service or application within your desired budget and timescale.


We believe in the importance of innovation scrums as a way of creating change and bringing fresh and new creative ideas to the table.




DevOps combines development with operations, uniting processes, technology and people to provide constant value to all customers.

This is where DevOps comes into its own – a collaboration of IT/ops professionals and software developers to combine agile methodologies for development and planning with operations and project management for a cohesive approach and continuous integration that ensures any issues with the site's functionality are spotted at an early stage and rectified as quickly as possible to prevent any long-lasting negative consequences.

Source Code

Management of source code enables sharing, collaboration and coordination across the whole software development team. It is a key element of any DevOps lifecycle since it enables teams to effectively manage their workload with one source of truth.


The DevOps pipeline is an automated set of tools and processes to enable operations professionals and developers to collaborate with each other on deploying and building code to the production environment. They typically include continuous integration/build automation, continuous deployment, automation testing, reporting and validation.


The deployment pipeline involves taking created code from version control then making it available to application users in a fashion that is entirely automated. When our development team work on features or projects, they use this as an efficient and reliable way of building, testing and deploying their work.




Cloud infrastructure is made up of all the software and hardware components required to support cloud services delivery to customers.

The key components of any cloud infrastructure, whether it be AWS, GCP or Azure, include servers, data storage and networking equipment as well as the hardware abstraction layer which enables resources to be virtualised in order to reduce costs, provide greater scalability and improved reliability across the board.


Cloud infrastructure is made up of all the software and hardware components required to support cloud services delivery to customers.


It's imperative to monitor applications, services and infrastructure effectively in the long-term in order to prevent potential downtime. Monitoring also has a vital purpose in supplying an alert in the first instance of any issue via mediums such as SMS or email.

Disaster Recovery

Every business that uses IT (i.e. every business) must have an effective disaster recovery plan in place as well as effective backups to ensure that, in the event of a major problem with the system, it can be rolled back or restored to its last-known working state without any difficulties and in a timely manner.




Identity access management solutions are vital in the modern IT world.

All businesses must have a robust identity provider platform which will manage and maintain the user database effectively and efficiently. This ensures that only authenticated users will be granted access to the appropriate IT environments, systems and applications for which they have been authorised.


Increasingly today we interact on a regular basis with authentication mechanisms. When it comes to accessing applications, systems and workplace IT environments, it's essential for users to only be granted access if they have been already cleared. Authentication systems and policies such as MFA/2FA, conditional access policies, or privileged identity management can ensure that lower-tier users are unable to access sensitive information.


It's extremely important to ensure that the keys that are used to log into key systems are secured and frequently recycled in order to mitigate risk. This is an industry must to prevent unauthorised access to applications, environments and systems.


Businesses need to find effective and new ways of connecting with their consumers via social platforms, but they also must connect efficiently with other businesses and even with employees when it comes to accessing applications and services.




Companies large and small must now pay close attention to their online security in order to protect themselves from cybercriminals, ransomware attacks and other threats. Safeguarding data is imperative but we can help by providing effective and efficient solutions.

The modern world is becoming increasingly digitised but this has also led to an increase in data breaches and cybercrime. Hackers are becoming more skilled than ever before at breaking through companies' vulnerabilities to access sensitive information. Therefore cyber security is taking its place front and centre of organisations' IT policies.


Applications, infrastructure and services must all be analysed to ensure their security status. This is something that our skilled team are able to do, ensuring that all solutions are secure and protected from cybercrime with no loopholes that could be exploited by hackers.


One effective way to protect applications, infrastructure and services is to provide full end-to-end encryption which prevents potential hackers from seeing data and stealing vital and sensitive information.


Assessing applications, services and infrastructure is a vital component of any intelligence program that aims to identify any potential cyber risks and make intelligent assessments that will allow appropriate actions to mitigate the situation.